V = Vanessa Emam
After graduating at the Sorbonne University in Paris, Vanessa worked 10 years in the documentary film industry. Inspired by her many travels and multicultural life, and thanks to her degree in interior design, Vanessa decided to integrate her passion into work by creating her interior design studio.  Over the past few years, she has been working with high-end builders in Toronto and she collaborated on multiple projects with designer Roxane Lolos, whom she decided to team-up with. This is how V+R was born!

R = Roxane Lolos
Roxane Lolos has always had a passion for design. It started in the early years of childhood, from cutting images out of catalogues to create a dream home, and looking forward to trick or treating at Halloween just so she could see how others had decorated their homes. She has been working as a designer since 2006 and was trained directly under an architect, to eventually manage the business. Since then Roxane has worked for Scavolini as a senior designer, to further her speciality in kitchens, bathrooms and the more challenging spaces of the renovation.